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The launch of the largest Classified site in the MENA area

September 16, 2012

On the 1st of September 2012 Zerzar.com which is one of the largest classified Ads site had finished it's beta version after fully ending up all the issues to provide it's users an awesome site that's easy to use & also good looking, Zerzar has those innovative ideas that can manipulate the world of classified ads on the web. Zerzar.com is owned by Linkers gate LLC which is one of the leading companies in the MENA area. Zerzar.com is owned by Linkers gate LLC which is one of the leading companies in the MENA area. Zerzar team had created an amazing humored video to introduce their site to the world, you can check it out over here Zerzar Trailer.

About Zerzar.com:

Zerzar.com is a free classified ad portal , that could built it's trust fast with it's users, As being careful to satisfy everybody using Zerzar.com & also for keeping Zerzar a neat & clean place for everyone, Posting your Ad on Zerzar.com won't take a minute and it's as easy as 123. Zerzar also works globally to serve you where ever you're Zerzar works in North Africa,The Middle East, the USA, Canada , UK, & last but not least in France, Having thousands of visitors on Zerzar.com assures your items sell fast.

" For the bad need of a place to buy & sell someone's stuff along with the rareness of the places available , whether on the internet or in life in general in the MENA area, There came the idea of establishing Zerzar.com, An "easy to use" website that can change the concept of the classified ads on the internet by facilitating the process of buying & selling, to assure the satisfaction of both the buyers & the sellers, actually we were eager to change the common Arabs mind that buying & selling through the internet is time wasting & useless for this we built our site on studied bases so people can easily sell what they have, buy what they want & above all easily contact each other, in my point of view Zerzar.com is one of It's kind" Mr. Hassouna the marketing manager of Zerzar.com stated.

For further information about Zerzar, please visit www.Zerzar.com